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Our motto is “Compromise Elsewhere”!  If you are looking to sell your product on the open market these days you need to be ahead of your competition. And one of those ways is with making your product look the best it can be.  Time after time we have had clients come to us after they have tried shooting their own images and after they get the finished product from us, they call to let us know that the images are doing the sales for them!  So stop wasting you time and come to the best!.

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Commercial Photography Photoshoot

Recently finished a commercial photography project with one of our most fun and favorite clients, shot here in the studio and on location.  The models, Dave, Shannon, Sally and David were great to work with as well!  Thanks Brittany Lammon for the great make up job!

Some behind the scenes shots!

Spirit Airlines Commercial Photography Shoot

We recently fortunate to work with Spirit Airlines on location at Fort Lauderdale International Airport shooting their latest ground crew uniforms, and later in studio shooting their newest pilot and flight attendant apparel.

As can be expected, obtaining permits to shoot on the tarmac at an international airport is not a simple process. After obtaining all the security and insurance clearances, the shoot went off without a hitch. Shooting on the airport taxiway was a unique experience for our entire team, and we got some amazing shots.

The pilot’s and flight attendant apparel shoot for their new catalog was a much more relaxed affair. Thanks to Spirit Airlines and Incentex for the opportunity to work with you.